Everyday smokey eye 

This everyday smokey eye is so easy to achieve in just 5 steps! You can wear this to work, business casual, to a get together, or even to just go shopping! It is super simple and if you want to know how to do this eye makeup look you need the following:

  • An eye makeup palette (I used Kat Von D’s “Shade and Light eye contour palette” in the warm/neutral shades)
  • An eyeshadow primer (I used Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer in original)
  • Makeup Brushes (I used Vanity Planet’s makeup brushes with the big eyeshadow fluffy blending brush and the smaller dome brush for the darker shades)
  • Mascara (I used Too Faced “Better than Sex” waterproof mascara)


Apply the eyeshadow primer all over your lids and be sure to get the primer on your lower lash line and rub that in as well. This will make the eyeshadow to be more vibrant and stay on for much longer!


Apply a eyeshadow base. One that is preferably a neutral color. In the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette I used the color “Laetus” in the neutral palette on the far left side and on top. This color is a banana shade and it creates a nice base for all of your eyeshadows that you will put on your lid and into your crease. I used this shade for all over my lid and blended it up and onto my brow bone.


Apply a lid color. (This is optional if you like a more natural look or just simply like the light eyeshadow color better!) Apply the eyeshadow color all over your lid area. I used the color “Samael” for all over my lid area. And blend your crease out with a big fluffy blending brush or use the same brush that you used to put on your base shadow color. This way you don’t get any hard lines in your crease.


Apply your eyeshadow crease shade. I used the color “Solas”. I used a domed shaped smaller blending blush to apply this on my outer crease and then used the bigger blending blush to blend it all together.

STEP FIVE (this is optional depending on what your preference is for your eyeshadow)

I used the colors “Solas and Samauel” mixed together on a smudger brush and applied this to my lower lash line. Then applied mascara and now you have the finished look!

I wanna say thank you to all who have viewed this post and be sure to follow me! What eyeshadow palettes do you use or want to use? Which ones are your favorites? What other eyeshadow primers do you love?

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